The firm

Aukam Firmengebäude

This is how it all started …

Our company was setup in 1963 and since then we have preoccupied ourselves with the topic of “worthwhile leisure activities”. Following the initial production and sale of miniature golf facilities, in the following years we increasingly concentrated on the design and installation of children’s playgrounds.

Apart from quality and enthusiastic play, safety comes first. We aim to maintain your trust in us through our performance.

Ihr aukam Team

Look into the future

Constant dialogue with our customers and continued questioning of the “main target group”; the children, have shaped our know-how.

This and working with a dynamic team of outstanding employees and experts ensures constant further development of our production to continuously improve design, quality, innovation and last but not least safety.

Apart from our own quality standard, we primarily have our customers’ satisfaction in mind. Which is why, with our team of specialists, we ensure smooth production and delivery for on-schedule completion of your orders.

Play and Safety

We feel obliged to handle natural resources carefully and protect the environment out of consideration for our children.

The production goods for manufacturing aukam quality products are therefore made with the greatest of care. E.g. we always use chrome and mercury-free impregnants to treat wood.

After all, we are aware of our responsibility for ensuring the environment is suitable for children.

Aukam and the Environment

Selected raw materials and precision workmanship – these are the essential factors which ensure our high quality and safety standards. The high standards we set for our products require the use of precision machinery, which always has to be kept state of the art. Original aukam quality has existed since 1963. From the outset, our main focus was the topic “safe play” when developing and designing children’s playgrounds.

And this is still true today: Constant developments and improvements are aimed at achieving child-friendly and above all accident-free play. Therefore, aukam play equipment extends beyond the legal requirements and is subjected to acceptance inspections and certification by the TÜV. All play equipment therefore bear the GS mark for tested safety.

Production and Profession

Production and Profession – aukam play equipment is produced at the highest technical level.

Our experienced employees ensure this. Heartwood-free round timbers, the “fillet pieces” of the wood so to speak, are used to produce wooden equipment.

This reduces the cracks otherwise formed to an absolute minimum. The metal parts used are made from stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised steel.

All this ensures maximum durability with the greatest possible safety and outstandingly easy maintenance of our products.

Price and Services

Top prices and prompt delivery – made possible by our large warehouse and own fleet. Professional scheduling with transporters ensure short delivery times. The large storage capacity enables us to react to our customers’ wishes extremely flexibly and at short notice. By purchasing large quantities of raw materials we achieve top conditions. Which we then pass on to you as a price advantage.

That is aukam too!

Original aukam playground equipment is produced in series with large production numbers. This enables unbeatable value for money with guaranteed high quality and safety standards.

Simply aukam!